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Multi Browser
Multi OS-Browser Combo: DARTENIUM supports the following combination of OS and Browsers.
DARTENIUM Compatibility
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DARTENIUM - Faster Time to Market and Higher ROI

The right automation testing tool often gives the edge to your strategic business goals, the springboard for the launch of your web-based solution.

Datamatics Global Services Ltd. has developed DARTENIUM to meet two of your most critical goals - faster time-to-market and higher ROI.


  1. Higher automation ROI:
    As the same script can be used for execution on multi OS-browser combo
  2. Reduced cost of automation compared to other equivalent products:
    As DARTENIUM is based upon Selenium, an open source tool, the same script can be used across OS-browser combo reducing the cost of automation
  3. Reduced effort and cost in creation and maintenance of automation pack:
    As DARTENIUM has an optimized GUI, keyword and data-driven testing framework
  4. Reduced cost of expensive resources and low learning curve:
    As minimal automation skills required in preparing automation test pack